How 2018 Wellness Will Change Foods, Fashion, Drink, and Sleep

With each passing year comes a plethora of trends to watch. From home decorating to foods and fashion, trends for 2018 are filling news feed throughout the world. Good Housekeeping recently released its top health trends for 2018. While some consumers may sneer at eating bugs—one of the unusual 2018 trends—others can easily incorporate these trends into living in the convenience and comfort of Clarus Maplewood.



The old adage, “You are what you eat,” rings true in the New Year. To this end, experts recommend healing spices, probiotics, and anything peanut butter to make a better you. Healing spices like tumeric and cucumin continue to grow in popularity among health-conscious consumers. Lina Aurell & Mia Clase, Scandinavian founders of a successful wellness blog and authors of Food Pharmacy: A Guide to Gut Bacteria, Anti-Inflammatory Foods, and Eating for Health, identify tumeric as one of the most anti-inflammatory herbs in existence. 

In addition, probiotics found in yogurt and fermented foods (sauerkraut, kimchi) are included in the 2018 top trends in wellness list. In 2018, these good bacteria will be blended into unexpected foods like chips, cookies, and granolas. That is good news for snackers!

Speaking of snacking, consumers are expected to continue to replace the three-meals-a-day paradigm with smaller, snack size meals, according to Restaurant Business Online. To log in your protein intake, try Trader Joe’s bamba, a popular peanut butter Israeli snack or some bug-based foods (formally called entomophagy), which are expected to trend as cheap, protein snack choices. Another snack option growing in popularity for 2018 is low-cal ice creams like Halo Top, which are already outpacing sales of Häagen-Dazs.



In 2018, consumers will continue to feed their addiction to caffeine, but in new, innovative ways. Not only will caffeine-infused foods appear more frequently on menus and grocery store shelves, but also will new caffeine waters and seltzers help consumers reap the benefits of caffeine.

Drinks containing less sugar are trending as well. A recent survey reported by New York Times reveals soda is losing its appeal to more Americans. Twelve percent fewer adults and 19% fewer children report having a sugary beverage like soda or juice on any given day compared to data from 2003.



Customized running gear and the new crossover apparel, workleisure, will find its way into consumers’ closets in 2018. Similar to how athleisure begat the wearing of leggings outside of the gym, so in 2018 will comfortable clothes grow in popularity in the office.



Today’s packed schedules and marginless lifestyles continue to challenge Americans who fail to get the proper amount of sleep for healthy living. As a result, trends in smart beds and pillows like Sleep Number 360, as well as temperature regulating fabrics of sleepwear will increase this year.

With Clarus Maplewood only steps away from top food and fashion retailers as well as health-conscious restaurants and Clarus’ own fitness center, Clarus residents can make this year a year of wellness.